The Subida is a little relais hotel in the hills, amidst the most famous
Collio Goriziano vineyards. From the latter and from their wine
comes its raison-d’être. You will be our welcome guests in a dozen
small houses rising on the edge of a luxuriant wood, made for
walking. A restful garden with a swimming-pool, the tennis court,
a game park and the manège, to fill your free time. The Vespas
as yellow as our Ribolla - to roam in the hills, from one row to the other.
An inviting trattoria with its typical cuisine - partly Friulian, partly Slovenian,
its large cellar replete with a certain kind of Friuli. An osteria with the garden and
refreshments- ice-cream, or the “spargher” for something warm.
The Subida isn’t actually a hotel with all creature-comforts or a place for unending
amusements: what we really wish it to be is an ideal place for a relaxing, invigorating
holiday, for a pause from this chaotic way of living of ours- where, for money and
success, we so much sacrifice ourselves and our families. A place where you can still dream.